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Publishing and Bookstores

The greatest book covers, affordable for Independent writers! Also websites and marketing content, brochures, newsletters, press releases, direct mail, whatever you need.

Letterpress Books Located in Portland, ME, they carry the Zack Taylor mysteries and Halls of Horror. Great little place- writeup here.
New England Mobile Bookfair A warehouse of books- if you're a reader, this is Nirvana. Thousands of stories, including my books. Come browse through the treasures. Lots of book signings, too!.
Brickyard Books A small business that lists and sells books online through Amazon, Alibris and AbeBooks.com, or via direct contact with customers.
Sherman's With 5 locations in Maine, this is a great chain of bookstores, and they now stock the Zack Taylor mysteries.
Longfellow Books Another Portland ME bookstore who carries the Zack Taylor mysteries.
Nonesuch Books Located in South Portland ME, this bookstore also carries the Zack Taylor mysteries.
MCC Bookstore Great bookstore, part of the college, right in the heart of downtown Lowell, MA. We've done a couple of book signings there.
Level Best Books Small press who publishes the yearly premier New England crime/mystery anthology. My story Automat is in Rogue Wave, and my story Hope it Fits is in their latest work, Red Dawn.
Rosstrum Publishing This NH publisher did my third Zack Taylor novel, A Shadow on the Wall, as well as my short interviewing book, How to Improve Your Interviewing Skills.
Pear Tree Publishing Run by Chris Obert, this small press does a lot of events for New England Authors.
Various Place to Check Out
The Victoria Inn Lovely bed and breakfast place to stay a stone's throw from the beach on Hampton, NH. Good food and friendly staff.
Haunted Acres If you like spooky, this theme park is for you! The scariest place around at Halloween, they've got a land filled with creepy fun up in Candia, NH.
Gatepost Tours They lead fun historical tours in Concord, MA, taking you to the places where famous people made history. You will learn a lot while you have a very good time.
Education is Global Here's a discussion forum for serious issues about education, both here and abroad. For example, why is it that in this country we spend a lot more money per student than other countries, without a corresponding increase in quality? How can we improve our schools, and help our students, teachers, and parents?

Liberty News


Want to see independent reporting from people not beholden to large corporations and the powers that be? Thse folks have been giving us the truth behind the headlines for more than three years. They also do funny takes on current events that rival Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.
Full disclosure: I've appeared in several segments.

Throg- (the movie)
Available at:
Liberty News


This independent film is a tour de farce, where an immortal idiot goes through history, causing havoc, while avoiding a giant, evil pursuer. It’s bizarre and sickly funny, and like nothing you’ve ever seen (kind of like Ed Wood meets Quentin Tarantino). I play Throg Senior. This film won Best Cinematography at the Boston International Film Festival in 2005.
VMR Decals A site dedicated to finding decals for race care miniatures. Anything and everything- this guy has the automotive creds.

Tree Lobsters

This is a fun and wicked sharp commentary on modern events, as espoused by two wisecracking lobsters.

Kurt Weitzmann

A very funny friend of mine who went to the Left Coast and became a comedian.

New You Hypnosis and Reiki

Specializes in helping regular people with ordinary, everyday challenges. Whether you wish to enjoy deep relaxation, solve a problem, improve your performance or just generally want to make improvements in your life, New You Hypnosis and Reiki can help.


iTunes app

Stay healthy! Here's a cool app from Will Winder you can try for free, that reminds you to hydrate while at work, where you're likely to get distracted and not get enough water. Review of it: http://www.fitsugar.com/iPhone-Apps-Keep-You-Healthy-Work-16389755?page=0,0,0#1

The Pixel Depot

The Pixel Depot specializes in high quality images on a variety of media, including standard prints, canvas, mouse pads and coasters, and vinyl decals in a wide range of styles. Lots of train-related products, but also the ocean, beaches, sunsets and lighthouses.
Ernie Benoit made this album which has bits of rock-acoustic-country-punk-roots-Worcester! It's a DIY project from a guy who says it's a collection of happy songs.. sad songs.. angry songs.. and love songs...
A Little house music sampling in a piece called Frspectrum. From Jack Vorwald.
BookmarkiTunes is a free application to help you save and organize a wishlist of things from the iTunes Store. This includes links to albums, iPhone apps, songs, TV series, artists, TV episodes, movies, and more!

Just drag the item of interest from iTunes and BookmarkiTunes will keep it for you! (You can also copy the iTunes Link and paste into BookmarkiTunes.)

Cooper & Kenneally

Playing Folk Rock / Country / Blues, this duo is a lot of fun and great entertainment. Check out some music samples on their MySpace page.

“I hear strains of early rock and roll and ‘The Good’ country (Chet Atkins/Johnny Cash) that we all know and love, along with some folk-pop which is a totally different beast.”
–Jeff Root, Root Cellar Studios

Johnson Music Located in Dracut, MA, they specialize in personalized music lessons and the sale of quality musical instruments and accessories.
Martial Arts
Prise de Fer Located in Billerica, MA, this top-flight fencing school gives the best instruction for all three weapons. They've coached many champions.
Independent Karate Studio Located in Nashua, NH, this school teaches Kenpo and Enshudo. They also do great community work.
Mill City Aikido Located on the Westford/Chelmsford line, this Aikido dojo teaches the peaceful way to defend yourself. Great programs for adults and for children.
Larry Leavitt's Fitness and Self-Defense Martial Arts Instruction, located at 119 Foster St # R
Peabody, MA.


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