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Helping Others


These organizations help others make a better life for themselves and the community around them. Here are some good causes and places to give that will give back. You'll be helping others help themselves.

The Hunger Site

All you have to do to help out is each day go to this website and click a button--the advertisers then donate a small amount of food to help those in need. Do it on each computer daily, and more and more people will be fed. No signing up, no catch, just a click to feed someone less fortunate.


Chelmsford Schools Foundation

When the school committee of our town proposed doing desperate things in an attempt to raise money, some of the parents decided to help. I joined some hard-working men and women to start this non-profit group, which has raised funds for school projects the regular budget could not handle.


Walk For Hunger- Project Bread

Years ago, my daughter Bridget wanted to help those in need, so we've done this a few times. Many thanks to our donors, who gave, despite a very hard financial year. We met our goal and raised enough money for more than a ton of food for needy people!


Three Cups of Tea

Pennies For Peace

These organizations were founded by Greg Mortenson, as told in the book Three Cups of Tea. Check out the man who brings peace, hope, and education to remote areas of the world.



Heifer International

This organization helps out villages with the gift of live animals to provide a sustainable source of protein or labor. The people then pass on the offspring of that animal, and so on, and the whole community profits.




This is a person-to-person microloan group, where a loan for as little as $25 can help a person start their own business.



Pay it Forward

This great concept says that when someone does you a favor, you don't pay it back, but pay it forward, helping someone who will then help someone else, and so on. The book and the movie popularized the idea.



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