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Crime Bake


Writers or fans of mystery fiction should definitely go to the annual Crime Bake mystery conference, put on by the New England chapter of the Sisters in Crime, of which I am a proud member.

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This year was the best yet. I got to meet authors and readers, and promote my own mystery series as well, selling books through the approved vendor for the first time. Did another book signing, for copies of the Red Dawn anthology, from Level Best Books, which has my story Hope it Fits.

Great panels, accessible, pleasant writers, interested and helpful agents, friendly folk of all kinds, and enough mystery books and stories to fill your reading queue for some time to come.
Many thanks to the Crime Bake Committee for their hard work in making another stunning success!

The books released by Sisters in Crime from the New England chapter in the last year. In the poster on the right, note that cool cover in the lower-right corner. Yup, it's A Certain Slant of Light, released only weeks ago.

Thanks to Hans Copek, who puts this together!

Two great Maine authors- Gerry Boyle and Kate Flora

More stars- Hallie Ephron, Lucy Burdette, Hank Phillippi Ryan

Hank gave a great talk with Tilia- click here for a view of that

Convention Guest of Honor Elizabeth George chatting with con co-chair Julie Hennrikus

The bookstore vendor was The New England Mobile Bookfair, with owner Tom Lyons on the far left. The line to buy was like that for most of the weekend.

And they carried a lot of good books- including mine- for the first time ever at Crime Bake! They sold copies of 3 different titles of mine- awesome, considering how many other wonderful writers and and books were there

Leslie Wheeler and Loiuse, plotting, no doubt...

Chris and Katrina Holm, also down from Maine. Chris' new book, The Killing Kind, is selling like mad, and getting great reviews, and picked as a #1 book of the year by Strand magazine

Hank with hubby and a friend

The Level Best Books editors at dinner

A couple of mischief-makers at the Death and Desserts party. Connie Johnson Hambley on the left, with Lisa Mathews. To see an interview with Connie, click here.

Another troublemaker- Edith Maxwell, A.K.A. several other names, because she has three series going at once!

These three were some of the authors who came out with their first book this last year.
L to R: Cheryl Hollon, Julie Hennrikus, and Sherry Harris

Hans and Judy Copek

Len Rosen holds his latest book, The Tenth Witness

Lisa Lieberman and Lee MacIntyre, who just had an Op-Ed piece in the NYT. Nice!

The pro arm of mystery writers, the MWA, recruiting for a cause

Liz Mugavero, Cheryl, and Hans

Mike Johnson gets his signed copy from Elizabeth George

Steve Ulfelder and Hallie Ephron

Steve recently graced the Groton Library- to read about that, click here

SERIOUS trouble- The Wicked Cozys
Liz, Julie, Edith, (friend), Sherry, Sheila

Steve, Ray Daniel (another co-chair of the con) and Tilia Klebenov-Jacobs

To see an interview with Ray, click here

The Board of Sisters in Crime, who always are out in force at this conference

Leslie Wheeler (front left) with the Winner and Honorable Mentions of this year's Al Blanchard Award, for which I was a judge

Vince O'Neil, a thorn between two roses

Kate Flora (again) with Jon

Kat Fast gets a signed copy

Here's the start of The Big Lineup, with a mass book signing by a string of authors featured in the
Level Best books anthology of the Year's Best Crime and Mystery stories.
I was in the one last year, Rogue Wave, and for this one, Red Dawn

More lineup

Yet more- that's Bruce Coffin on the right, a former Portland, ME police officer. Wonder if he knows about the Zack Taylor series, set in Portland?

And more

Barbara Ross (another one from Maine!) is happy to see the end of the line is near

And more. Okay, that's all of that!

Connie and Amy Mackin

Here's Dr. Lewis Preschel, author of the Karmic Knight Mysteries. Now that sounds like fun!

Sheila Connolly,who also has three mystery series out, taking in a panel. Mike again, to her right, and behind.

And speaking of panels...

Another panel, with Hank moderating

Connie with me for my presentation at the Ask the Experts roundtable.
I gave a talk on producing audiobooks- nice group, and we had a great session!

This was an expansion of the guest post I did for the Maine Crime Writers

Author Pete Morin stopped by to say hi. He's the Author of Diary of a Small Fish

To see an interview with Pete, click here

And then the costume-themed banquet began, with all things British-themed. Ray didn't realize he'd be thought of as James Bond all night!

Alice in Wonderland

Connie on the right, horsing around

So proper

Cheryl and Edith

The Hogwarts gang...

All together

The PBS contingent

The Pink Panther

Maureen "Mo" Walsh gets to Rule Britannia

A high-class night

Shades of Agatha Christie

Sightseeing in London

We even had pirates! Stephen Kelner, author of Motivate Your Writing

And with his Better Half, Toni (Leigh Perry), author of the Skeleton in the family series.

To see an interview with Leigh, click here

My dinner companaions- left is Stephen Huyler, with his better half

A mostly quiet group

Behaving themselves

Annnnd not so much behaving themselves

Alice with both Queens

Stirring up trouble

Yet more trouble

So- can't wait for next year!



At the Level Best table with the editors and others, signing copies

At the Level Best lineup, so all the authors can sign books for buyers

With Kate and Hans, the youngest and oldest authors in the anthology. See if you can guess which is which...

Guest of Honor Craig Johnson (great guy, by the way, and awesome storyteller), with Tilia Klebenov Jacobs

Cindy Shea, a first-time CB attendee, with her friend Jessie Crockett

Connie Johnson Hambley (Interview here) with Jessie

Me with the fun cutout of the Guest of Honor as John Wayne

And Marian Lanouette (Interview here) and friends get in on the action

Edith Maxwell in charge of the Sisters in Crime table

Hank Phillipi Ryan being menaced by a bear. The life of an investigative journalist is fraught with peril!

A writeup of one of Hank's numerous talks around the area is here.

Julie Hennrikus and Steve Ulfelder, both of whom worked to make it a great conference for everybody

Kate Flora, who also worked way too hard all weekend

Kate Cone, who writes about microbrews!

My "Conference Wife" Kathryn and I grin and bear it...

Marian Lanouette without her crew

Michael Nethercott and Connie. Michael won this year's Al Blanchard Award for his story that appeared in Rogue Wave. Connie just likes buckskin...

Mike Johnson with Cindy and Connie

Ray Daniel does his thing. (Interview here)

Tom Lyons, who's here from the New England Mobile Bookfair, the huge, wonderful place to buy books in this area. Oh yeah, and Connie...

Vincent O'Neil

And I met other nice people, though didn't get to shoot them all (with my camera). Hi to Amy Mackin, Jane Roy Brown, L.K. Watson, Karla Whitney, Pamela Oberg, and Tina Swift



Fellow Sisters in Crime at the Trouble in Paradise banquet

I got to talk with Jane Friedman, publishing and technology goddess

Here's the Eat, Drink, & Murder panel

And the book signing afterward. From left to right, Barbara Ross, Katherine Hall Page, and Edith Maxwell

And here's Jessie Crockett and Liz Mugavero

A few more writing stars- Cheryl Hollon and Sheila Connolly

Mike Johnson, author of Lawless in Brazil gets a book signed by Steve Ulfelder

Pete Morin, author of Diary of a Small Fish, makes a point

Jessie and Liz and Marian Lanouette

So we had this Trouble in Paradise banquet, and there was plenty of it!

Troubled "angels" Toni Kelner/Leigh Perry and Stephen Kelner

Patti Phillips and Edith Maxwell

Hallie Ephron stops by

At our table: Andrew Adams and Jane Haertel/Susannah Hardy

And Conor Driscoll

Finally we got the parting glamor shot from Jessie and Julie Hennrikus


Here's me and my friend Kathryn Gandek-Tighe, one of the tireless volunteers at the event, who helps make it run.


Here's a pic of me and my home boy Barry Eisler, a top-notch writer.

The guy on the right is Mike Johnson, founder of the Tyngsboror Writer's Group, where I get a lot of my work critiqued.
MIke is the author of Lawless in Brazil, a mystery starring Jake Lawless.


Check out my new BFF- Sue Grafton, best-selling author of numerous books, including the Kinsey Milhone series you see in every bookstore.



The following are really terrific people I met. Some have already published in the mystery field, and some are on the cusp.
Click on the name to see their website. Be ahead of the curve and catch these rising stars now!

Holly West

Mick West

Vincent O'Neil

Jayne Ormerod

Libby Cudmore

Matthew Quinn Martin

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