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A Shadow on the Wall

Book Three of the Zack Taylor mystery series


Zack Taylor's new life is crumbling. His fledgling business is in jeopardy, he's been dumped by his lady love, and a murderous gang leader is bent on revenge. A shattered Zack is enticed onto a movie shoot to provide martial arts expertise and security, when a sudden murder raises the stakes. Zack must deal with his own demons, as well as a host of shadowy tricksters with secrets to hide. Death is at hand, and Zack must figure out who to trust in a world of illusion built on money and power.


Listen to Chapter One of A Shadow on the Wall, read by the author.


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From Carol Langstroth, Mind Fog Reviews:

"Dale T. Phillips' “A Shadow on the Wall” is a unique action story that is part of the Zack Taylor Series. Zack is trying to put down roots and build himself a life after he had found out who killed his friend. However, the killer has been released and Zack finds himself in another dangerous situation where he doesn't know if it is part of his past or some new trouble that he has stumbled into.

It took me until roughly the middle and towards the ending of the story to start to figure out the plot twist, making this a great cliffhanger. For those that love cliffhangers, this action-packed story is right up your alley. The only thing that I would have loved to have seen in “A Shadow on the Wall” was a little more background on the other stories, so that you didn't feel left out when Zack’s past was mentioned.

You won't have to read 5 chapters to get into the action, unlike other series I have read. Men will love “A Shadow on the Wall,” because it is a true action novel with very little romance. All in all, this is an action-packed part of the Zack Taylor series, and it will intrigue you into reading the entire series.”


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