Dale T Phillips - Writer
Shadow of the Wendigo
A Horror Thriller


In the snowy Canadian wilderness, a terrifying legend springs to life, sparking a series of gruesome crimes. Government agent Sean Laporte is sent to investigate, and must contend with an obsessive, resourceful foe, a hostile environment, and an elusive search for the truth. He is soon pulled between worlds of myth and madness, a present haunted by the past, and a primitive world of mystery and power.
In this book, the myths described by Joseph Campbell are crossed with a David Lynch-type world of dreams and visions. Gruesome crimes set off a chain of events, and a wilderness chase begins. We have the heroes journey, where he is the gateway between different worlds. In a hostile place where a mistake can mean death, Sean Laporte must overcome many obstacles, including his own disbelief.

Audiobook version available on Audible.com, narrated by the talented Phillip Hoffman.

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In the exciting new genre of cryptofiction-meets-horror, the prolific writer Dale T. Phillips brings his talents to the fore. Join Dale on this exciting journey, written with a sound cryptozoological foundation, full of many surprises, at ever twist and turn, along these shadowed, forested pathways. Highly recommended.

--Loren Coleman, Cryptozoologist, Author, Documentary Consultant, and Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum, Portland, Maine.


Phillips has a way of tucking you into the scene, offering you a cozy blanket and some hot chocolate, and then terrifying you to your very core.

--Stacey Longo, author of Secret Things




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