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Gala Mystery Night 2015


For the fourth year, the biggest and best mystery bookstore in New England, the New England Mobile Bookfair held a Gala Mystery Night, with top-name mystery authors, many of them NY Time best-sellers.
Once again, I was a featured author with these literary lights.

Lots of my fellow Sisters in Crime were signing as well.

Thanks to owner Tom Lyons and the hard-working staff who made the night glorious and fun!

To see a writeup of the 2014 event, click here. For 2013, click here.

Adn who do I see first, but fellow author and great guy T. Stephens, already making a new friend of Gayle Lynds.

To see an interview with T, click here

To see T's previous book launch at the bookstore, click here

Gayle's promo

Coralie Jensen and Kate Flora start the show

Owner Tom Lyons greets Connie Johnson Hambley.

To see an interview with Connie, click here

And to see Connie's previous book launch at the NEMBF, click here

Leigh Perry, with Sid, the skeleton character from her book series

To see an interview with Leigh, click here

Maine writer Barbara Ross with Dave Zeltserman

More Mainers- Chris and Katrina Holm

Arlene Kay, Shannon Kirk, and Lesie Wheeler

Too see an interview with Arlene, click here

Chris Irvin sets up

And then sits with Hallie Ephron

The stars come out: Hank Philippi Ryan, Sheila Connolly, and Hallie Ephron

Another star- Linda Barnes

Lorraine Seymour, of WTTN, interviews Leigh Perry for radio

A pair of stand-up guys and great writers- Ray Daniel and Steve Ulfelder

To see an interview with Ray, click here

To see Ray's previous book launch at the store, click here

To see when Steve gave a talk at the Groton Library, click here

Susan Oleksiw and Sheila Connolly

Ray Anderson, Judy Copek, and Jeffrey Diamond

Raffling off the prizes

And a crowd around the Guest of Honor, Kate Mattes (formerly of Kate's Mystery Books) who was given this year's Robert B. Parker Award

Connie and I looking authorly

And she joins the other guy with DP initials- Daniel Palmer

T gets another fan

Lee McIntyre with the supportive husbands of Hank and Connie

Lineup of excellence!

Smiles all around that night

Chris Zaniboni and Steve Marini

Carolyn Wilkins

You can tell that 4 of 5 mystery writers prefer black...

Gary Braver joins the fun

Lots of shoppers for great books

Author J. M.Taylor makes a great discovery!

Jason Walcutt, up to no good

Don't they look happy?

The signs above their heads are not thought bubbles... :-)

Didn't get photos of everyone- it was quite busy! But here's a few of the other writers attending

Susan Conant

Sarah Smith

Clea Simon

Bill Landay

Marshal Stein

Lea Wait

Ben Coes

Kyle Darcy

Joe Finder

Lisa Lieberman

Barbara Struna

Ric Wasley

Elisabeth Brink (Elo)

Len Rosen

William Martin

Bob Weintraub

Kevin Symmons


Gala Mystery Night 2014

For the third year, the New England Mobile Bookfair held a Gala Mystery Night, with top-name mystery authors, many of them NY Time best-sellers. For the second year, I was a featured author with these literary lights.

To see a writeup of last year's event, click here.

Owner Tom Lyons with an adoring fan

Ray Daniel and Chris Irvin (see an interview with Ray here)

Hank Phillippi Ryan and Stephen Kelner

Judy Copek and Connie Johnson Hambley (see an interview with Connie here)

Sheila Connolly and Edith Maxwell of the many names...

Linda Barnes, Kate Flora, and B.A. Shapiro

Steve Ulfelder checks out one of Arlene Kay's books that catches his eye (see Arlene's interview here)

Gina Fava

Coralie Jensen and Michael D. Urban with his Significant Other

Leigh Perry/Toni Kelner, Len Rosen, and Barbara Ross

Hank Phillippi Ryan, Reed Farrel Coleman with his Significant Other, and Ray Daniel

Liz Mugavero

Marian Lanouette (see her interview here)

At my signing spot with Chris Irvin

Tom introduces Reed Farrel Coleman, who is presenting the Robert B. Parker Award

And this year the award goes to Robin Cook

Toni and Husband Steve making mischief in the stacks

The signing line

And our favorite couple of the night, Steve and Robin, who bought a huge basket of books- including the 3-book Zack Taylor series, and a copy of Rogue Wave!


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