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So I got to go back up to Portland, Maine, my old stomping ground. And I had a blast.

The main event was PortCon, a comic/anime/geek culture convention, where we signed books with the New England Horror Writers, and the Horror Writers of Maine.

Front, seated- myself and Katherine Silva

L to R standing: Scott Goudsward, Peter Dudar, Josiah Pitchforth, and Duane Coffill

So we connected with a lot of people, found new fans, sold and signed books.
And spoke on a number of panels, including ones on writing groups:

And on publishing (self vs. traditional)

Support showed up in the form of Shelley, Duane's wonderful wife, who laughed with us and even went out for our lunch. Check out the newlyweds.

We just won't tell her about Duane's new fan...

I got to see some old friends from the SCA

And there were a lot of cool people in the booths around us.
First up, Robin, who had just won a National Championship in her division in archery!
That's her medal, in the middle-left of pic.
And she makes all those figures, when she's not pinchusioning targets.

And the long-suffering folks from Odin's Bead Hall, who we kept bumping into in the tight quarters.

And right behind us, the creative minds and talent behind the comic/graphic serial Escape From Jesus Island

Co-ordinator of the New England Horror Writers, Scott Goudsward makes a point

Some of my favorites, the super-talented, funny, and nice Lucky Yates and Amber Nash, voiceover characters from the hilarious show Archer.

Scott again, with Duane and Peter, showing all our books

New fans...,

And it got dangerous at times...

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